Amazing spring skiing and a very long travel

After two weeks in warm central Europe, one of them as we got stuck in Amsterdam because of the vulcan activity at Island, we are finally back in Trondheim, eager to ski again. A seven hour travel from Zürich to Trondheim, became 7 days of traveling through Europe. The first four days we stayed in Amsterdam, but as the Vulcan did not seem to calm down, we decided to travel back home by train. Three days later we were finally at home, tired, but happy. Now we are enjoying spring activities in the Trondheim region. It is still good snow condition, so a combination of adapting to summer activities, whilst still be able to enjoy skiing. An amazing period of the year. This weekend, Christian, me and my sister Sigrid, went to ski Telemark just across the Swedish boarder. We skied the mountain Storsnasen, amazing weather and amazing skiing.

View from Storsnasen. Both Åre and the WC-terrain in Ånn can be seen from the top.

Christian and me happy at the top of Storsnasen.

Christian, me and Sigrid ready to rock the mountain side

Christian pumping powder in the slope from Storsnasen.


Norwegian summer in Switzerland

After a hard competition season we are enjoying easy trainings and warmer climate in Switzerland. With 17 C and sunshine, it feels just like summer for a Norwegian, and we have had our first trainings in t-shirt and shorts. To day short I3 pyramide intervalls, yesterday a map training. We did a few running/orienteering sessions in Trondheim during easter, and allthough it still feels hard, we are slowly adapting to running agan. We try to do some short running sessions in the winter season, but it sure feels hard to do the first running intervals after a long skiing season. May 1st I will run Tiomila with my team, a big motivation for spring training.
Beside easy trainings we have visited Zürich, a really charming city we always try to visit when we are in Switzerland. This weekend we will go to Berlin as tourists, doing something completely different than training and competitions. It is sure nice to relax after a long season.