Now what?

Last season was my last season focusing 100% on my ski-orienteering career. The last years I have been working 50% as a research assistant at the university, something that has given me freedom to focus fully on ski-orienteering. The last three years I have performed in the very top internationally. I was two times european champion and also got an individual silver and bronze medal. The world championships however has really not been my thing, I god sick both in Japan and this year in Sweden, and the dream of an individual gold medal at the world champs broke twice. Two times bronze medal and a relay gold is however good world championships results. My main overall goal was to become the best in the world, ranked second in the world last season and first this year, I somehow feel I reached my goal also without the gold medal (IOF World ranking ).

Me at the mass start in Ski WOC 2011, on my way to bronze a medal

So now what?
In beginning of May I started in my new job as a consultant in Rambøll, a 100% job that force me to change my training. I can no longer train as much as I have been doing the last years (720-740 h a year), so I will have to train less hours and focus even more on quality. I will be outside the national team adjusting my training to my job situation. I plan to compete a lot more in foot orienteering this summer, going for the nationals, and will also do a few triathlons and some MTB-O competitions, this really motivates me for summer training. With less training I might not be able to perform at a high level all winter and I think I will try to peak my physical shape for the European champs in Ukraine next winter to defend my european champion title there. Right now training is going really well, I am motivated, and looking forward to all upcoming competitions.

Upcoming events:
May 28th, National sprint-o championships, Arendal
June 5th, Half Iroman, Rapperswil Switzerland.
June 11th-13th, Norwegian cup orienteering, Hamar
June 18th, Venla relay, Finland

Before I start summer training I usually have a period of spring skiing and ski touring, also this year I had some really great experiences :

Kari Bråtveit and me on the way to Dronningkrona

Dronningkrona, we where not alone

Me skiing "Dronningkrona"
Marianne M Larsen and me spring skiing in Bymarka Trondheim

Our house

This summer we will move to our new house at Ugla, Byåsen, in Trondheim. Living even closer to the skiing tracks and nice single trail area we are really looking forward to move.