Rollerski-O weekend in Trondheim

Last week Christian was skiing in Bymarka in Trondheim, this weekend the snow is gone, the skies are put away again and the rollerskis are again our main training tool. It has been pretty warm (10 C) this week, the ice on the road has melted and most of the wet leaves are washed out of the road by the rain, so it is perfect conditions for rollerski-o again.
Ski conditions in Bymarka, last week

This weekend we have had two rollerski-O sessions for the ski-orienteerers in Trondheim. Saturday a middle distanse (35 min) and sunday rollerski-o intervals (5*5-6 min).
Christian, rolleski-O
Rollerski-O intervals
Middle distance rollerski-O
Øyvind Watterdal, rollerski-O


Let it snow, let i snow, let it snow...

October 20th and finally the winter is back in our backyard, at least for a few hours. Hopefully we will be able to ski in the upper parts of Bymarka in a few days, but the weather changes fast in Trondheim, so we have no guaranties. For now, I will just enjoy the snow falling outside our window.


In Ramsau with the Norwegian Ski-O team

Eat-train-eat-sleep-eat-train-eat-sleep, this is the rhythm of the Norwegian ski-o team at the moment. We are half way through the 12 days training-camp in Ramsau and can look back at 25 hours of training in panoramic surroundings. Except for the first day with fog on the glacier, we have had great weather. The snow conditions at the glacier is good and we have had warm nice weather for the afternoon training.
Dachstein glacier
We start the day with a ski session at the glacier and in the afternoon we train in the valley. It is a nice region for rollerskiing, running and climbing. One of this afternoons I went climbing with Sindre (Anna Klettersteig). It was my fourth time in such a klettersteig, and the first one this challenging. 300 m vertical climb, level A to D, 1h45min with adrenaline pumping through my body. A kind of scary, but amazing experience.
Sindre at the start of the Anna klettersteig
Myself after 150 of 300 meters
Sindre and me, sunset on the top of the climb.

After a resting day, with a trip to Schladming and massage, we are now back in training rythm, ready for more skiing at the glacier, rollerski intervals and some long running.

Read more in Tiias (our Finish guest) Ramsau article on www.ski-o.com.


MTB-O World Cup Teolo, Taly

From 18. to 20. September I was taking part in the World Cup in mountainbike-orienteering in Teolo. Teolo ist situated about 50 km west of Venezia in a hilly region with a lot of wineyards.
The World Cup started with a sprint in Vo. It was raining the whole day and the conditions were quite difficult with a lot of mud. I had some problems on the first controls. The rest of my race was quite ok. I am satisfied with a 17.position but not with my race. A lot of the best athletes had big problems that day and were long behind. Results of all the races can be found here.
The middle distance was held partly in the same terrain. Again I had problems in the beginning and lost quite a lot of time to the 2.control. The rest of the race was OK and I ended on a 26.position.

middle distance

This years World cup ended with a mixed relay. I was riding the second leg for Switzerland 2. I was tired after the to first races and lost quite much time without any big mistake. The relay was held in a steeper terrain with a less dens network of tracks and more routechoices.


waiting for changeover in relay

finish area middle distance and relay

Before flight home again I had half a day to visit Venice, a beautiful and fascinating city, that I would like to visit again. After my return I went directly to a triningscamp with the norwegain ski-o team in Horten.