The time I used for IRONMAN 70.3 in Switzerland, 70.3 miles in total, 1.9 km swimming, 91.1 km road bike, 21.1 km running. I never did an half ironman before, I did not know what was waiting for me or what to expect. However, I still had a few goals for the day: To swim in 40 minutes, to be in the best 1/4 of my age group, in the best 1/3 of the total starters and last, but not least, to beat triathlete and friend Vibeke, in the half marathon.

Me out running the half marathon (Photo: Mathias Hohl)

It all started an early morning in Zurichsee by Zurich in Switzerland. It started with a swim that turned out be more or less a 1.9 km cat fight. 370 women fighting to be the first to the shore. Swimming is definitively my weakest part of a triathlon, and with all the "kicking and slapping" I was not able to swim in the middle of the bunch and had to maneuver out of the field to swim on my own. 47 min for 1.8 km, was not quit the 40 minutes I was hopping for, but as it turned out to be more of a fight than a swim it was ok. When I came ashore, as 86 of 100 in my age group, and eventually got my wet-suit of I started to climb the result list. An amazing bike course, along the see and up in the hills, all the time with a great view at the Alps. I did much better than I expected, I pushed hard all the way, but amazingly my legs felt good and I biked much faster that I expected. After 2h45min I could put on my running shoes. Allthough my legs felt like two timber logs, I kept a good rhythm and kept on climbing the result list. 1h40min on a half ironman might not be that impressive, but I soon understood that after 1.9 km swim and 91.1 km bike it was more about surviving than make a new record. I crossed the finish line after 5h18min33sek as numer 19. More than pleased by my result, and happy that I was still able to walk...

And did I reach my goals? Well, I did not swim in 40 minutes (but I did not expect such a fight), but I did get in the top 1/4 (actually (1/5))in my age group, almost in to 1/5 th of the total(2500!) and I beated my friend Vibeke in the half ironman.... with 30 sek...

Results and more information about the competitions can be found here: IRONMAN 70.3 Switzerland.
Vibeke finished 9th. I am very impressed! Visit Vibekes triathlon blog: here.

Vibeke and me relaxing at Christians parents place in Dottikon (Photo: Mathias Hohl)

Thanks to my parents in law, Magdalena and Mathias, we had perfect support before and after the race and a great fan club cheering for us and a private photographer.

Will I do it again?
Yes, I think so. It was great fun!