Summer skiing at Sognefjellet

We just returned to Trondheim after the traditional Sognefjellet training camp with the Norwegian ski-o team. The weather was varying from blue sky and sunshine to fog and rain, but despite that the snow was melting by the hour the skiing conditions were good and we enjoyed the tracks and the panoramic view.
We went skiing every morning when the tracks were hard and in the afternoon we ran and roller-skied. The main focus on this training camp was endurance training and skiing technique.
As I had trouble with a shoulder inflammation after the season, and only have had three roller-ski sessions this summer, I was anxious about skiing again. Luckily I felt no pain in the shoulder and I trained after the plan. My patience this spring staying away from skiing and roller-skiing seams to have paid off.

Hans-Jørgen Kvaale, map training at Sognefjellet.

This is how a typical training camp looks like for us (I had to adjust some, as it was enough with one ski session a day for my shoulder):

1. Run 1.30 h, + core 0.45
1. Skiing, 2.00 h
2. Rollerskiing (Chr/Team)/Bike(Marte) 2.00
1. Skiing, interval training 5*10 min, I3, 1.30 h
2. Long run, 3.00 h
1. Skiing with double poling, 2.00 h
2. Test race rollerski (Chr/Team)/ running intervals 5*5 I4 (Marte), 1.30h
1. Skiing, 3.00 h
(Total 17.15 h)

Lars Moholdt
Sindre Haverstad and Lars Moholdt on a long run
Christian roller-skiing in Bøverdalen


Venla 2010, a huge disappointment

After last years victory on the first leg, I was really looking forward to this years relay. I knew the terrain would be more challenging, but as long as I focused on the map I should be OK. I started OK to the first and second control, but on the way to the third I lost the direction totally, I had to run back to the second control, and this time followed the compass. I guess I lost 2-3 min on this mistake and I knew that with a good finish I could still do a good leg. I ran well for a while and was closing the gap to the lead from 3 to 2 minutes, however on the way to the 10th control I spoiled it all. Again I did not use the compass good enough and after searching the 10th control for a while I found my self on the wrong ridge.. In the finish I was 8 minutes behind at 157th place.
Luckily my team mates did better and 700 meters before the finish line we were number 13. Helen had one mistake, but ran safe the rest of the course and changed over as 77, Sara ran safe and steady at her leg and changed over as number 20, Elise kept on picking teams nearly all her leg and was number 13 a few controls from the finish. 700 meters before the finish line Elise hurt her foot, lost control for a while, did a 7 minutes mistake and was passed by 21 teams. In the end we were number 34, in a way an amazing result considering our mistakes.. Next year we will be back chasing the podium again!

See Venla maps and GPS tracking here: Venla GPS tracking.


Where is the summer?

Until now this year we have had three days with more then 20 degrees C. The rest of the time it was between 10 and 15 degrees, often around 12 and rain.
And this is the forecast for the coming to days from yr.no:

Not very motivating for long trainings on the bike or the rollerskis. We hope the weather will become better soon, so that we can enjoy the rest of the summer.

On Saturday, Marte is running the Venla-relay in Finland. She is running the first leg for WING OK. You can follow her and the whole team here. The start will be at 14:00 finnish time (13:00 CET)
Lets hope for better weather in Finland and a performance like last year, when Marte had the fastest time on the first leg.


Challenging WC MTB-O in Gdansk

Last weekend we took part in the MTB-O WC in Gdansk, Poland. With only a few mountain-bike sessions this spring and even less map sessions we were not as well prepared as we wished to be, but still excited to race in Gdansk. Perfect training for ski-orienteering and great fun. However, although MTB-O maps might look similar to ski-o maps, the route choices are quit different due to the high speed difference on the different track qualities. The fact that we were allowed to bike all over the terrain made the route choices even more difficult.

To get some more experience before the WC races we took part in a national competition before the WC, a sprint distance at the coast (map below). Flat, lots of controls and high speed.

Polish cup, sprint distance

We did quit a lot of mistakes, specially the first days, but improved during the weekend and did at least end in the middle of the result lists in the WC races, with 15th (of 41) for Marte and 25th (of 63)for Christain as best result. Results can be found here: Results MTB-O Gdansk.

WC middle distance
WC long distance