An other day in heaven (on telemark skis)

Last weekend Christian thought he had to put away the telemark skis for the season, luckily he was wrong. So this weekend we went to the Swedish border, to ski Søndre Midtåklumpen, this time together with my parents. A warm and sunny day and good snow conditions for this time of the year. We could ski from the car and only had to take the skis of once. Back in Trondheim the same afternoon we went to the city to have a few beers at an outdoor restaurant. The best of two worlds in one day.
Christian and Søndre Midtåklumpen.
Mom and Dad
Summer is slowly taking over.


First ski-o of the season

Yesterday we used the still good snow-conditions in Bymarka for the first ski-o of the new season. Lars Moholdt and Sindre Haverstad organized the training and we were eight person taking part.
It was quite challenging to read the map with the fast skiing-conditions. As a special aspect of the map-reading we had to consider where their is snow and where not.

On the homepage of Sindre you can see the whole map

Bård Smestad took some pictures


Last days with winter-activities

This weekend I had probably the last days with winter activities for this season.

On Saturday I was on Storsnasen in Sweden again with Håvard. It was his first time on telemark-skis and he managed it very well. Despite of the bad weatherforecast we had sun nearly all the way up and down.

Håvard on the way up to Storsnasen

On Sunday a had an early morning skating in Bymarka. The snow is getting less but the conditions were really good. The last few years we have never been skiing in middle of may.

View over Bymarka and Trondheim

View from Bosbergheia


start of the new trainings-season

Like always the new trainings-season started 1.mai. But the weather was not like always. The first four days of mai it was snowing every day. So I had some skiing trainings in conditions like in the middle of winter.

Bymarka 1.mai

Now the good weather has come and today I had a beautiful skating-training. Because of the crust it is possible to go nearly everywhere. I hope for some mor days with such great skiing-conditions.

View over Vintervatnet today

After a month with little training, a trip to Berlin and a not planned trip to Amsterdam, it is tough to start training again. The shape ist rather bad and it will take some weeks before the good feeling will come back.
The coming weeks my main focus will be on cycling and long endurance trainings.


Season sum up

Looking back at the 2009/2010 season, it was an amazing season. I had a slow start, lost my head and did stupid mistakes in ski-orienteering and had some mediocre performances in cross-country skiing. In the end of January all changed, in the middle of the Norwegian cross-country championships I finally skied fast again, my map reading improved and I started chasing the world cup total.

Together win Lars I won the first mixed world cup sprint relay

Nationally I won both individual Norwegian champion titles, the mens-relay and the Norwegian cup. Internationally, I ended as number two in the world cup total, something that seamed very unlikely after the first world cup round. The world cup started Russia and I did not get the start I was hoping for. I lost my head on the first race, mass start middle distance, and I did not manage to get the good feeling in this world cup round. I finished as number 18, 8 and 5. In Bulgaria and Romania I started the race for the world cup total, the terrain was perfect for me and I finished at the podium in all the races, and won two of them. My first world cup victory and individual European champion title. Unfortunately I was disqualified from the victory in the sprint distance at the European championship, I had a miss punching, my own mistake but a costly mistake. The fourth and last world cup round was held in Sweden, my physical shape was good and I knew I could win the total with good races and some luck. I did good races and finished two times as number two and won the last ultra long distance. And the total? Tomilova won, four points in front of me, Olga Novikova was third. I am however satisfied with my season, and really motivated to fight for a world championship title in Funäsdalen in Sweden next winter.

In Ånn Norway finally had a full womens team in the relay, together with Barbro Kvåle and Marie Asprusten I took a second place. Russia won, Sweden was third.