MTB-O world cup in Rättvik

Better late than never, here a short rapport from the MTB-O world cup in Rättvik (Sweden) June 18.-20.

The first ever international MTB-O competition in Sweden started with a middle distance in Leksand. And I was the first to start. So the goal was to finish first too. I had a quite good race in the wet and muddy conditions, with some bad route choices. After about 30% of the race, the Finn starting behind me nearly nearly catched me. But on the whole second loop I could hold him behind me and finished first as planned. I ended on a 21th position.
(photo: Sven Åke Nordenmark)
On Sunday a long distance with mass start and butterfly forking was planned with start at 9:30. Due to problems with the maps the start was postponed first to 10:00, then to 10:30 and 11:00 before they decided to start at 15:00. This meant to go home, eat lunch and warm up again.

When we finally started I had problems with the 1:20000-map. So I decided just to follow the others to the first control. On the way to the second control I managed to get in touch with the map and was part of the leading group of about 20 men. Short after the second control I had a puncture. When I wanted to inflate the new tub with the air gun I realized that I had forgotten to pack a cartridge after the last flight. What a beginners-mistake. So I decided just to walk back and forget this race when Sindre Haverstad passed with his brand new Biltema-pump which I could borrow. After many minutes, stiff in the arms and with far too little air in the tire I could continue. I had to ride carefully over all roots and stones and in all turns not to tear the tire of the rim. So I kept on in a speed which made it a good map reading training and ended nearly last. At least I learnd something that day.

disappointed after the long distance
(Photo: Sven Åke Nordenmark)
The world cup round ended with a mixed relay on Monday. Rolf Wermelinger biked well on the first leg and handed over to me as nr. 5. I stared a bit too stressed which resulted in an over 2min-mistake at the first control. Got even more stressed by that and was really unfocussed the first part of the race. After another 1min-mistake to the 4th control and losing my second map right after the 4th (had to jump out of the path, let 3 riders pass, go back and pick up the map and then continue) I just had to forget about the first part and start to concentrate. The rest of the race was quite good. Ursina Jäggi biked the last leg and we ended on 17th place.

Results can be found here.

Mark Stodgell made a great headcam footage of the relay.
Take a watch: http://www.stodgell.co.uk/?p=2893