Yesterday I started my season with the traditional competiton at Sjusjøen. I had no big expectations due to the problems I had with my back. I was long behind the winner (+3 min) and had many small mistakes. There is still a lot of work to do. But it's good to be able to ski competitions at all again. The results and a map-example you can find here.

Today we had a challenging sprint-training with 3 rounds of 7 to 10 minutes (see map on top and underneath).
Tomorrow I will travel to Oslo for a jobb-meeting. Tuesday I have planned to train some more ski-o before I travel back to Trondheim. I need all the ski-o-training I can get now and the conditions at Sjusjøen are really good.

Ensi Lumin Rastit, Long distance

To day I skied long distance mass start in Ensi Lumin Rastit. All though it was mass start I soon skied alone, good training but I could not keep the speed of the two in front skiing together on the other “forking variant” Hannle Tonna and Olga Novikova. I finished 3rd after these two, 2:20 behind. I lost some time when I got the wrong map (3rd lap) in the first exchange, other than this my only “bigger” mistake was after a log cut (to the first control on the second round,  map left underneath). O-technically I did a good race again, but I still lack some of the flow to ski even faster. I will stay to Thursday, with the national ski-o team, and will use the trainings the next days to improve the map reading further.
Results D21A:
  1. Hannele Tonna, 1:17:12
  2. Olga Novikova, 1:19:22
  3. Marte Reenaas, 1:19:22
  4. Liisa Anttila, 1:21:49
  5. Tiia Tallila, 1:22:49
Complete results can be found in "results", Ensi Lumin Rastit, W21 long distance. To see the GPS tracking, i.e route choices and the development in the race click here: GPS

The men got their revenge to day, Hans Jørgen Kvåle finished second, Lars Moholdt third and Eivind Tonna forth.


Ensi Lumin Rastit, middle distance.

To day I skied the middle distance in Ensi Lumin rastit. I did a pretty good o-technical race, but still lack some speed in the scooter tracks. I found the course challenging o-technically and did a few mistakes on the routes, but now mistakes else. I finished as number 3, new record in Finland an a good start of the season. See the course underneath (if you can not open the map by clicking on it, try to open it in a new frame, or just click "maps").

Sindre Haverstad had the best results among the Norwegians in
H21, with a 9th place.

D21 A (top 5)
1. Tiia Tallila, 40:24
2. Johanna Niittymäki, 40:44
3. Marte Reenaas, 40:47
4. Hannele Tonna, 40:58,
5. Olga Novikova, 41:18

Complete results: here


Ski-orienteering in Ylläs

This weekend I will go to Ylläs, Finland, with the Norwegian ski-o team to ski the Finnish Ski-orienteering opening. We will ski a middle distance saturday and a long distance mass start sunday. The competitions in Finland are always challenging and the level is high, so I am excited to see if I can compete with these girls right now. After the competitions we will stay until thursday to train.

Results etc. can be found on the web page of the competition: Ensi Lumen rastit.



Last weekend I used the warm weather for some rollerski-orienteering and I had two really good o-technical trainings. Saturday I did 4 times 7 - 9 minutes intervals on a map around Valentinlyst (See map underneath). We used this new map for the first time in the end of October. Also the second time it was really challenging. I did some small mistakes on the first interval, but got better flow i the following three.
Sunday it was a bit icy some places. So I decided just to dobbelpole and not to skate. Physically it was not so demanding, but nevertheless I had to be fully concentrated on the map. I used a map over the Berg-area which I draw the day before (map underneath).

Now I hope for snow in Trondheim as soon as possible. Next weekend I will take part in the first  competition in ski-o at Sjusjøen. This will be a first test for my back. In december I will take part in competitions in Venabu (12./13.) and in Vemdalen in Sweden (19./20.). After this i will decide if my back is good enough and if I will take part in international competitions this season.



After a disappointing start of the 2009/2010 skiing season I have planned a training period in November/December. This weekend, Thursday – Sunday, I am in Ramundberget with my cross-country club Strindheim IL ski. All in all 180 Strindheim skiers are taking over Ramundberget, making the skiing tracks unsafe this weekend (especially for Swedes that do not leave the classic track in time…there is already one Swede with a black eye and a Strindheim skier with a bump in the forehead…alias “John Coldmountain”). Although we have experienced weather changes from minus to plus and then minus again, the skiing conditions are very good and after a few days in Trondheim, I am really enjoying the snow again.
Pictures from Ramundberget here.


Ski-Orienteering 2011 = "Tour of Scandinavia"

We are happy to experience that both the European and World championships will be held in Scandinavia next year. The Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships and European Championships will be held 31 January - 6 February in Lillehammer and the World Ski Orienteering Championships in Härjedalen, March 2011. See more at the IOF webpage; WC and EC.


10 km in powder snow

Heavy snowfall all day made to days 10 km at Beitostølen a tuff experience. I started early, as number 14, and had the feeling to plow snow the first 5 km. My goal was to ski controlled the first 5-7 km and then put in some extra power in the end of the race, I managed to ski controlled in the beginning (maybe a bit to slow...) but unfortunately I was to passive in the end. I finished as 19th of the Norwegians, and as my goal was top 10-12 this is a disappointing result. My preparations was not god enough for Beitostølen, my next goal in cross-country skiing will be the National championships in Stokke.
Right now, I am really looking forward to the next competitions, the Ski-orienteering opening in Finland (Ylläs).

Results 10 km skating, women; click here.


Ski-orienteerer of the year

At the Norwegian O-galla I got the award "Ski-orienteerer of the year". A pleasant surprise. I was nominated together with Eivind Tonna and Hans-Jørgen Kvåle. I think we had equally good performances last year, and I was surprised, but pleased to win. I got the award for my Long-distance victory at the Nordic championships in Sweden. Read more: Ski-o.com.

Season opening

Finally, after a long training season, I am in Beitostølen doing the last preparations for the national opening in Cross-country skiing this weekend. I will ski the 10 km (skating) saturday. After nearly 14 days with a cold in October I found that I had to little time to prepare for both the sprint and 10 km . I decided to prepare for one competitions and all-tough I am more of a sprinter in cross-country skiing I will ski the 10 km, as this is qualification race for the WC next weekend. I caught a cold in the end of October and have not have the best preparations, but hope that my training program the last 14 days has been enough to ski well. I am excited that the season finally starts and look forward to compete again. My main goals this winter will be the European championships an the overall WC in ski-orienteering , Beitostølen 10 km skating (qualification to WC) and the national championships in cross-country skiing and ski-orienteering.

Summer 2009

2009 has been a good training year. I have been healthy, training good and taken part in some competitions.
This spring I ran the two big relays, TIO and Venla (Jukola). Venla was a great experience, winning the first stage was great fun both for me and my team (Wing OK). We finished as number 11 in the end, new record for our team, but we intend to improve this record next spring. Other than this the 8th place in the long distance at the national championships was a highlight in orienteering.
I also had my international debut in bike-o this summer. The European championships in Denmark. I experienced really good competitions, challenging (and ski-o relevant) competitions. My best result was the sprint distance where I finished as number 9. I lack experience in reading the map on the bike, but it was great fun and good training and I will definitively do more MBT-O in the future. Christian came with me as support and biked the open competitions. MBTO EM maps etc. can be found here: MBT-O EM

We have had some good training camps with both the ski-o team and my cross-country club (Strindheim IL). Sognefjellet in sunshine in July, Bruksvallarna in August, Trondheim and Steinkjer in September and Austlid in November.