Trainingcamp in beautiful Funäsdalen

This week I spent in Ramundberget close to Funäsdalen in Sweden togehter with my nordic club Strindheim IL. An annually august Strindheim IL trainingcamp in the Swedish mountains. Together with the rollerskitrack this high mountain plateau is perfect for training. The focus is long trainings and the region invites for really nice runs in the mountains. We had several training in the rollerskitrack, and the paths around Ramundberget and visited the mountains Midtåkläppen and Ånnfjället.
Midtåkläppen (Ingrid and Olga)

Olga Novikova (ski-orienteerer, KAZ) also visited our training camp. Olga and I had a lot of close races in the world cup last winter, and finished as number 2 and 3 in the total. It is nice and motivating to meet in summer for common training. In addition to a training partner we also got a russian teacher, the students might not have been the best but we were at least very motivated. Most important words/sentences we learned:
spokoinoi nochi = good night
balshaia mama = big mama

Running in the valley (Ingrid and Håkon)
Run to Ånnfjället (Ingrid, Kjersti and me)
Biking (Kjersti and Olga)

Jr/Sr Strindheim IL nordic skiing 2010
Posing for the photographer (Olga), (Me and Ingrid)
Our program:

Afternoon: Rollerski classic 1.30 h
Morning: Long run 2.40h
Afternoon: Rollerski skating 2.00h
Morning: Long intervalls, I3, 10-15-20-10 min, + speed training 2.00h
Afternoon: Long run + core, 2.00 h
Morning: Long training bike/run combined, 4.40h

Total: 15 h


MTB-O Trondheim, maps and results

Sindre Haverstad and Marte won the MTB-O training competition in Trondheim friday, the second of two ski-o training sessions during WOC. The course had longer route choices and a few small more orienteering technically areas. A good training and great fun.
MTB-O Estenstadmarka (Men)
Maren Haverstad
Sondre Rud Bråten
Simon Seger
Sindre Haverstad


1. Sindre Haverstad 50:33
2. Simon Seger 54:56
3. Dag Lofthus 58:59
4. Øyvind Watterdal 1:04:00
5. Lars Hol Moholdt 1:04:17

1. Marte Reenaas, 40:24
2. Anna Ulvensøen, 1:01:55
3. Maren Haverstad, 1:02:45
4. Marta Ulvensøen, 1:05:20
Martina Bertschi, -
Hollie Orr, -
Tiia Tallilla,-


Rollerski-o Trondheim maps and results

During WOC in Trondheim we are organizing two ski-orienteering training sessions, rollerski-o and MTB-O. Anna Ulvensøen and Christian won the first competition, rollerski-orienteering.
Map 1 (The Women skied 1-6-2-7... then like the men)

Map 2


Øyvind Lund
Junior national team ski-orienteering: Eskil, Dag, Sondre, Anna, Marta, Synne and Maren (missing Barbro, Jørgen and Johannes)

Results rollerski-orienteering:


1. Christian Hohl 31:18

2. Lars H Moholdt 31:40

3. Eivind Tonna 32:52

4. Øyvind Lund 33:24

5. Martin Hammarberg 34:01

6. Øyvind Watterdal 34:02

7. Ove Sætra 35:07

8. Dag Lofthus 36:51

9. Eirik K Hovind 37:35

10. Eskil Kinneberg 42:55

11. Eirik Rustad 43:02

12. Sjur Nafstad 43:44

13. Sondre R Bråten 44:38


1. Anna Ulvensøen 31:48

2. Maren Haverstad 34:01

3. Marta Ulvensøen 35:13

4. Synne Baklid 38:47

5. Marianne M Larsen 40:43


Rollerski-O and MTB-O during WOC in Trondheim

During WOC in Trondheim we will organise Rollerski-o and MTB-O training competitions.

Thursday August 12th: Rollerski-O (Valentinlyst-Tyholt). We meet at Marte og Christian's in the basement in Brøseteveien 174, at 09.30. (Helmet is madatory)

Friday August 13th: MTB-O (Lohove-Estenstadmarka). We meet at the parking at Lohove at 16.00. (Helmet is madatory)

If you want to join, please send an e-mail to: mreenaas ("att") broadpark.no, or sms to +4792263853

No EMIT or SI.