Last weekend the season finally started. We took part in the races in Evertsberg in Sweden. Evertsberg is past by the Vasaloppet after about 45 km.
On saturday we skied a sprint in the open areas around Evertsberg. It was quite challenging and a lot of misstakes were made. Marte reached the second place while Christian was a bit longer down on the resultlist.
The middle-distance on sunday was mostly in the forest and on marshes with very little snow. We both lost quite much time to the winners. There is still a big job to do.

Christian discussing routechoices with Christian Spörry
On monday an tuesday we started to do our job by joining the Mora skigymnas at their trainingscamp at Idre Fjäll. We skied a line-orienteering, gladiatorslingor and a middle-distance testrace. It was great to train that much ski-o and I think, we took a step forward. Thanks to Ekan and Ola for the perfect organisation.

Christian at the test-race



This year we have been waiting and waiting and waiting. Praying for snow week after week. We do enjoy both rollerskiing, biking and running, and the preparations for the ski-o season has been going well, but there is nothing like snow and skiing. But it seams like winter is comming late to Trondheim this year, and as winter is not comming to us, we come to winter. The last two weekends we have travelled to find snow. Last weekend Beitosdølen with the Norwegian ski-o team, this weekend Dombås together with Sindre Haverstad and Audhild Rognstad. Finally snow! It feels great to ski again and we have had some really good sessions. First ski-o goal, after cancellations and little snow till now, is Swedish ski-o tour in two weeks. Hope to see you there!