Trondheim open

This weekend I took part in Trondheim Open, a three day orienteering event organized by our orienteering club Wing OK. Friday it was a sprint distance at Lerkendal stadium, home field of Rosenborg soccer team, saturday middle distance and sunday chasing start in Aunemarka, a part of Estenstadmarka in Trondheim. It was good competitions and the level was high, as both the norwegian and danish national team took place. For me it was the last test before the selection races for the nordic orienteering championships (20-24th. of May). I did a good sprint, some smaller mistakes, but all in all a good race and I finished as number 6 (5 of the norwegians).

The middle distance was a new pretty good race, I did 20-40 sek mistakes at the 2nd and 3rd control, but the rest was good. Then it was time for chasing start, I started as number 8th, but my mind was somewhere else and I did too many mistakes and finished as number 14.

All in all a good test before the NOM selection races.



Better late than never: a short report about the easter holidays

We spent the easter holidays together with Martes parents at their cabin north-east of Lillehammer. The skiing conditions were really good and we had some long classic-trainings. The weather was better than expected but the high temperature made the snow wet and slow.

On saturday the traditional easter-skirace took place. A short track around the cabin was prepared by Ole and me and the goal 
was the ski to rounds i the same speed. Marte managed to ski
both rounds in exactly the same time and won this year edition of 
the famous easter-race. I came on third place back Nils (Martes oncle), a champion with many years experience.

The day we left for Trondheim we helped to transport wood, which Nils cut in summer to the cabin. This was a nice job. It was fun to do something else than just to ski all the time. 

On the way back home we visited Aud and Nils at 
Venabygdsfjellet. We sat in the sun outside their cabin and 
enjoyed the nice spring weather.