European championships in Sumy

First race in Sumy to day, mixed sprint relay. A tough, tight race. Fun, but unfortunatley no great success for Christian or me.

I skied for Norway 1 together with Hans-Jørgen Kvaale ( read his blog here(Norwegian): Team Avancia). Our goal was to ski for a medal. We skied well on the first two legs and was fighting for a medal, then we got map trouble. Hans Jørgen got my map and started skiing the women 2nd leg. For the two first controls the course was the same as for men, then the other men skied in another direction. He understood something was wrong, saw that his map was marked women and decided to try ski with Staffan, it was a 50/50 chance that they had the same forking, he also puched all the controls in the womens relay on his way. However the jury had seen him taking my map and gave me a mens map. So in all we skied 4 times mens leg and 2 times womens leg. Unfortunatley I also lost focus and did a few misstakes and we only managed a 20th place.

Christian skied in the Swiss 3rd team, they had no big hopes for to day, finished 33rd. More important for them was to get to know the tracks and terrain a bit and to get good competition training.

Russia with Paulina Malchicova and Andrey Grigoryev won. Best Norwegian team was our club mate Lars Moholdt and Maren Haverstad on a 10th place. Gion and Ladina finished 12th as best Swiss team.

Results: sprint relay

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  1. Lykke til videre begge to! Dere faar traa til paa de individuelle distansene. Klem