Christian in Kazakhstan, and I?

At the moment Christian is skiing the WC round in Kazakhstan, while I am recovering from a bronchitis infection at home in Trondheim. After the middle distance victory in Ukraine, I got sick and could not start in the last races. It feels hard to stay in bed when you want to race, but the title was defended, and that was the goal of the season, so really no reason to complain. Christian did unfortunatley not find the flow he found in the US in the individual races in Ukraine, but skied ok and steady in the top 20. His relay leg was good, and after two legs Switzerland was fighting in the top. However as Christian Spoerry unfortunatley did a big misstake in the last leg they lost lots of places. My team, Christina, Audhild and Andrine skied amasing without me and ended 2nd. I am impressed about what those girls did in the relay!
(Picture: Christian in Ukraine, Sergiy Panchenko)

The first two races in Kazhakstan was very orienteering technical demanding (se sprint map above). Christian did not find the flow but is enjoying the demanding courses, trying not to focus on the results. When you have a hard time finding the flow it is easy to start focusing on results and forget what ski-o is really about. Hopefully he will find the flow in the middle distance.

The WC round in Kazakhstan can be followed here; WC Kazakhstan.
Here you can find results and maps from all the races.

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