WC-Final in Boden, 1st race, 4th place

The first race in the WC final in Ski-o is history, and it feels great to be competing again! We have both been sick the last weeks and this was the ultimate test in how well we have recovered. Marte did an OK race and finished 4th, behinde Tove Alexanderson, Josefin Engstrøm and Polina Malchikova. Christian had some more trouble and finished 25th. Erik Rost won the mens class in front of Peter Arneson and Stanimir Belomazev. (Picture: Sven Åke Nordenmark)
Martes race to the map change was good. But here she lost much time in fighting the maps in the map change box (i.e. trying to separate one of the maps from the others), this stressed her and stressful map reading resulted in some bad route choices in the end of the race. Just not good enough in a sprint race. Christian still needs a few races to get in shape after the cold he catched in Kazakhstan, oreinteering techincally he did a good race but lost time physically to day. This will hopefully improve the next days.

Results from the sprint: W21, M21
More about the WC sprint: Norwegian orienteering federation

To morrow we will ski relay, and hopefully take another step back towards the top.

Follow the WC final in Boden here: WC Final Ski-o

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