Last international performance, 32 km in scooter tracks, 35 controls

To day I skied my, what is ment to be, my last international competition. The goal was a good race and a hopefully a place on the podium. (Photo: Sven Åke Nordenmark) 32 km in scooter tracks, 35 controls, fresh snow and around 0 degrees, two hours winning time, a tough end of the season. I was really looking forward to the competition, hard, but I love it that way. However, I did one misstake to day, I did not test my skies well enough before the start and picked the wrong pair. A bad desicion that influenced the first half of my race. The feeling of skiing with the brake on, was not good and it stressed me into bad long route choices the first two loops. After the second loop, however, I changed skies, and what a feeling! I felt I was flying up the Pagla hill! The two last loops were good both orienteering technically and physically and I climbed from a 8th to a 2nd place.
Josefin Engström won the competition, Tove Alexanderson was third.

And now what? You will probably not find me in the sofa at home every afternoon. I love being outdoors and train, both summer and winter. I also love ski-orienteering to much to quit, and I will most likely ski national compeititons for many years to come.
But to morrow I will rest, then I will start training for my next goals; triathlon, a half ironman distance in Germany and the Venla relay with my team in Wing OK, both competitions in june.

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